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Automated Streaming Studios


Our Mission

To facilitate communication and commerce around the world through live video. We believe community is built through sharing knowledge. That's why our name means 'school': we help you build community through education.


Why Choose Us?

Live 2-Way communication is the future. Start here.

Quick and easy Zoom Video Conferencing integration

Graphics, animations, and games to drive engagement



sound effects and music

Reliable fiber based stream

White glove service

One-stop turnkey webcasting and video conferencing

Our full-service solution costs less than the typical space rental alone

Be the go-to expert in your field.

Differentiate your business from ordinary "work from home" webcasting.

Engage with your participants from a safe environment


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Automated Streaming Studios

Enhance your video conferencing (Zoom, Webex,  Bluejeans) with TV quality visuals and interactive media.


Join us in our studio located in Dallas TX or have us set up a   studio for you! After an initial install, we can remotely maintain and monitor your events.

1910 Pacific Ave Dallas TX STE 14195 United States


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